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What do you think when you hear the words Judge Dredd Movie? Judge Dredd was a comic that started out in 1977, in the second issue of the British science fiction anthology called 2000AD, and is still running to this day. The comic setting is centered on a future law enforcement officer in a dystopia mega city that had survived a nuclear war along with other mega cities. So to most people who hear the words Judge Dredd Movie; they think of a bad 1995 movie starring Sylvester Stallone, but to people like me it is a 2012 movie simply called Dredd. However the scar of the bad 1995 movie is what kept this movie from doing well in the box office. The 1995 movie was a Hollywood satire disguise as an over the top action movie that slaps the fans of the comics in the face and was dislike worldwide.

Dredd on the other hand is a true adaptation of the Judge Dredd comics and a good movie. Some critics hate the fact there was a lack of any satirical element, if they wanted to have a Judge Dredd movie with satirical elements they should have stuck with the one starring Sylvester Stallone. In this one Judge Dredd (Karl Urban) is giving a final assessment of a barely passing rookie psychic Judge Anderson (Olivia Thirlby), however it turns into a fight for survival when the mega block they are in is lock down by the drug lord Ma-Ma (Lena Headey) because the judges have captured one of her lieutenants (Wood Harris) in a raid and is afraid he'll talk about her operation; which is the only one that produces a narcotic called Slow-Mo, if he is taken in for interrogation. This movie plays with logos, ethos, pathos, and kairos every step of the way, even in scenes that some people believe that should be left out however they have reasons to be there.

"So what do we got?" asked Judge Lex (Langley Kirkwood) as he and three other judges walk up to the three bodies.

"Two Judges triggered a turf war, two judges die in a suit of duty, and the perps that killed the judges bleed out here." Responded Judge Chan (Karl Thaning); just as the mega block's paramedic TJ (Deobia Oparei) walk towards them.

"Sound's right." Said Lex approving at the cover story they were going to tell their superiors when this was over.

"Excuse me?" Interrupted TJ, "That is not what happened, I was here from the start. This killing is about one gang; the Ma-Ma clan, and from the sound of gunfire, at least one of your two judges is still alive."

"Are you to prepare to testify to that?" Asked Lex trying to keep this person distracted while Chan sneak up next to him.

"Sure." Responded TJ giving Chan motive to come up behind him and shoot him in the head.

That is one of the overlooked scenes in the movie and would give people a reason to ask why this scene is in the movie. You have to look at it from a certain stand point; judges in this universe are the police, jury, judges, and executioners all in one. They are the only thing maintaining order in the future this movie takes place. The idea of corrupt or dirty judges is not unheard of in comics where the movie was adapted from. Also without this scene, the audiences wouldn't be afraid of these four corrupt judges that can take on Dredd and Anderson with a chance of winning. The scene shows how corrupt they are and doing so kill off a character that was memorable plus semi-important to the plot, but also enforces the ethos that the corrupt judges have.

People also have to take into account the kairos when this scene takes place. This scene takes place more than 5 minutes after the movie hit the one hour mark. So far the villain has manage to get back her lieutenant and capture one of the two judges however she has lost so many of her men, gone as far as shooting a trio of Vulcan guns on a populated section of a level just to try to kill judges before Anderson was capture, plus the damage Dredd is still doing. Also Dredd is running low on ammo at this point and throwing in four fully armed corrupt judges that have the potential to kill him sounds like a challenge. So the villain would do what any 1950's or 1960's drug lord would do, call in corrupt law enforcement officers to help her. However the writers were making this the last thing they throw into the movie. So to keep audiences on edge because it is very late in the movie; they have the corrupt judges kill off a character that gives filler to the protagonist, refuse to help the protagonist when things went bad, and in cliché is usually expected to live to the end of the movie.

What the audience experienced after this scene is what you always expect when introducing characters late into a movie with little character development. Although Lex and Chan gets either a little more character development and/or more lines before they die, Judge Kaplan (Michele Levin) lines and voice sounded unconvincing throughout her entire time in the movie, and Judge Alvarez (Edwin Perry) the only corrupt judge from the comics; I wouldn't be surprise if the writer in charge of writing him in is getting hate mail from hardcore fans of the comics. It is as if the writer who wrote them in was inconsiderate about the pathos the hardcore fans of the comics who saw this movie would feel. However, the logos that is added by this scene adds the accumulation of logos that is well established throughout the film.

In conclusion some scenes in movies have to be analyzed from multiple view points after a person who has watched it. This is incredibly crucial in my opinion when analyzing movies that are adapted from franchises that Hollywood decides to adapt into a movie. In fact writers should take into account about the possibility of any fans (of the franchise they are adapting into a movie) would react to the movie when they see it. Are movie writers capable of knowing how people with multiple viewpoints will react to the movie he/she is writing?

This was originally a writing assignment that was specific. Now if some people don't like it I'll take it down. But I really would like your feedbacks because I got a B on the assignment because I didn't have any reliable sources to back it up. Also I try to keep it as spoiler free as possible. Overall the movie is fun to watch go watch it if your a hardcore fan.

Final verdict 10/10


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